Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Nary a Tear

Yesterday was L's first treatment at Dr. Chen's. The good doctor, nurse and I were bracing ourselves for wails (as in J's case) but were pleasantly surprised by L's silence. He endured the treatment stoically. The tears did threaten as Dr. Chen moved to his scalp but again, he bravely sat through it. We were very impressed and at that moment, my heart flooded with gratitude - thankful that L was such a brave boy. I resolved to reward L for his courage and promised to try to get him "Star Wars Clone Walkers" lego set although I had banned all future purchases due to overflooding of the current lego toys.

L sat for about 10 minutes and after which, he decided to lie down on his belly. He stayed in this position till the end of the 45 minutes. I think there were about 8 needles along his spine and 2 in his scalp. After removing the needles, the doctor massaged L's back and scalp. I saw tiny pin holes on his back. I will try a small dose of ledum before we go in the future. I hope that will not interfere with Dr. Chen's treatments.

I asked L if it hurt. He said it did in the beginning but shook his head at the end. Perhaps J will try it again in the future, when he's older and possesses a thicker skin.

PS. We went to ToysRUs and bought the lego set for him. It was about $3 more than other places but I didn't care because L deserved it. He was so happy.

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