Sunday, June 28, 2009

Cough, cough

J's been coughing for a week now. His asthma meds are not providing any relief, whether it's via the puffer or the nebulizer. His cough sounded wet but he claimed to have no phlegm. I cut an Asian pear in half, removed the core and put a tablespoon of honey in each piece then I steamed the fruits on medium high heat for about 45 minutes. It tasted a bit sourish sweet and the texture was between soft and hard. Not really yummy but I forced J to eat the first piece for breakfast this morning. To my surprise, his cough improved. I made him eat the other piece before we left the house for Walmart. He didn't cough much until he came home.

I made another batch just now. A pot with a piece of pork and goji berries are being boiled on the stove for dinner. I also bought some salted duck egg to be consumed with porridge tomorrow. Supposedly peas are also good for dry cough so I will try that another time.

Any wind aggravates his cough and he knows that. He tells me to turn off the fan whenever he gets 'wind' of it. hehehe.

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