Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Video of the boys

Halloween '08 around the corner. Instead of buying plastic masks, I made batman masks for both the boys. Topped it off with a black cape I made awhile back, you get a pretty good batman outfit.

J loves Mr. Freeze character from Batman. We cut up some cardboard boxes, hot-glued some paper rings (from paper towels) and sprayed the whole thing silver. V made a cool freeze ray gun.

Here is a video of L being cartoonish:

Friday, February 6, 2009

"I don't have any friends"

"I don't have any friends." He said it this time but with tears. My heart just dropped. Poor L. It came after a fight with J. J knew that L had been sad in the past about not having friends and yet he brought it up. I could smack J then.

I reminded myself that L might be hyperlexic. This might be a forecast of L's social life. How do I deal with it?

I sat L down next to me on the bed and hugged him. With our arms linked, I explained to him that sometimes it's hard to find a friend. If not this year, maybe next. At the meantime, he has friends in his family - Dad, J and me.

Poor L. I wish I could protect him but I know I can't. He has to go through the pains of not having any friend so that he'll appreciate it when he gets a friend. He'll make a loyal friend, I believe. I look forward to seeing him grow.