Thursday, April 2, 2009

Teaching Ahead of the Class

L's teacher gives homework the Friday before the week. I would look through the homework and teach him over the weekend. I learned to give him many examples but also to leave the work on the white board so he can refer to it later on.

I cannot stress the importance of examples. He learns by seeing patterns and constant revision of the work. I write the examples on the white board but also in a notebook with blank instead of lined paper. Lined paper seems is a bit distracting, even for me.

I have also since made him work harder on inferring answers from the text. It was a real struggle at the beginning but he's slowly making progress. It pains me to see him having to work so hard with meager results but that's the only way I could think to stimulate his brain. He tries to delay his tasks by giving me excuses but I would not allow it.

Let's hope he can understand and answer questions in the STAR tests.