Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Mah Own Quilt

I finally continued my unfinished quilt for myself. I hope to finish it before Christmas. My Christmas present to myself. It's really bright. The colors will help cheer up my mood on dreary winter season when the days are short altho' I am not sure if it will be thick enough to keep me warm.

Joann had a big after thanksgiving sale so I bought 6 yards of 100% cotton batting or so I thought. 100% cotton batting with scrim. Scrim? Looked it up and it turns out that scrim is polyester. It's used to hold the cotton batting together. Bummers. I hope it is not going to be too warm for summer and too cold for winter.

3 of my friends are having babies in 2008. One of them is a close friend whom I've known since kindy. Since she's muslim, I decided to stick to flowery patterns. No living creature patterns like cute bugs or cats. She admitted liking pastels so I'll do that. I already found a nice simple pattern that will go well with white sashing (bought 50% off at Joann's sale).

The quilt is Sashing Twin Quilt. I think I will try smaller patches instead of 5" since the quilt is for a baby.

OK .. have to continue another time. J is fussing and I have to shower them.