Monday, October 6, 2008

L's Crazy Log Cabin Quilt

L wanted me to make him a quilt since he saw the quilts I made for J and myself. So, I decided to make a 2-toned Crazy Log Cabin Quilt.

Bought 2 different pattern fabric for this quilt. It has a white muslin backing. There are 48 blocks. I miscalculated and made 72 blocks so I have enough blocks for another quilt. It took a long time because each pair was cut individually. I rushed through the quilting process and as a result, some parts were bunched up and didn't look that clean. From afar, it looked nice though. It had turned out better than I expected. Perhaps next summer, I will make a quilt for DH.

I was running out of large scraps so I had to join some fabric together for the borders. Not bad although I would've preferred to have a uniform border rather than scrappy ones. All in all, not a bad project.

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Sue said...

It´s good enough for the Museum of Contemporary Art!