Friday, October 3, 2008

Frozen Pie: Claim Jumper's Restaurant Banana Cream Pie from frozen section

I wanted to get DH a cake to celebrate his 36th birthday but didn't have the time to go to the bakery later on in the day. Instead, I made a blueberry pancake, stuck a candle in it and woke the kids up to sing "Happy Birthday" to him. He wasn't grinning from ear to ear. Bah!

After dropping both kids off at school, I headed to the grocery store to get fruits and vegies. As I wandered around the frozen section, a big box of Banana Cream Pie caught my attention. Furthermore, it was on-sale. All the pie baking competitions I watched on Food Network Challenge for the past 3 days have stimulated my cravings for pies. I've never had any pie besides apple and pumpkin pies. I bought the banana cream pie. When I came home, I took a good look at the box. It said "Claim Jumper's Restaurant Banana Cream Pie: Made with REAL bananas." Cool! Should be healthy, right? Wrong! I found some recipes on-line and they all said the same main ingredients: cream, eggs, BUTTER, sugar ... where are the bananas? The bananas were sliced unto the crust or on top of the filling. So ... it should be "Cream Pie with a few slices of bananas."

Anyway, I digressed. That night we took the first bite excitedly. I don't know if it's bananas or vanilla. The box clearly stated bananas. I guess it did taste good especially if you've not had any sort of unhealthy desserts for a while. Bananas - when frozen or cooked do not look yellow. I don't know what kind of bananas they used to maintain it's bright yellow color or how they cooked it ... or if it's bananas or real banana extract / flavoring.

I vow to try a REAL banana cream pie from a real pie store. I know there's a Baker's Square a few miles away. After I'm sure that I've burnt away the calories from this pie, I'm going to fly there and get myself a REAL pie.

By the way, I've never had a fresh pie before. Thus far, all the pies I've eaten came from the frozen section at the grocery's. They've not made any favorable impressions on me. I should just stick to ice-cream only.


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