Friday, January 19, 2007

Blogger debut

I'm sitting here feeding J. Both kids are entranced by Transformers (1996) on TV. Once they are done, we have to send L to K. J & I have "Small World" class - something like a mommy and me class. Gosh, I sure hope J will get over this separation anxiety from me so I can stick him in a school.

These past few weeks:

1. A friend told me abt raw diet. So, I have decided to try it out but due to tight schedules, I can only eat raw salads for lunch and dinner. Anything in btwn will have to be quick and easy. The salads that I ate in the past were mostly "american" type - cheeses and creamy dressings over bland vegies which I didn't like. However, I've since discovered the world of fresh herbs and other flavorings that do not involve the cow. Oh, and avocado seems to taste a lot better now than before. Perhaps I'm getting old. Here is a recipe of the salad:

Organic herbal mix from Earth Bound
1 avocado
dates or nuts
Need to try to add: grape tomatoes, shallots, pine nuts...

Dressing: squeeze some lemon over the avocados, drizzle of honey & olive oil, soy sauce. Sometimes I would add slivers of seaweed & sesame seeds

This could just be a phase or it could be permanent. Whatever it is, I know I feel more alert consuming pure vegetables than my regular diet of rice, meat and vegie combi.

2. Juicing
Supposedly carrot & spinach combi is good for asthma & eczema. I've yet to see any improvements. Book recommended by a friend:
Fresh Vegetable and Fruit Juices: What's Missing in Your Body? (Paperback)
by N. W. Walker, Dr. Norman W. Walker

I was desperate to try juicing b/c nothing is working for L. He's still dependent on his inhalers. I know alot of modern thinking parents who believe that you can control asthma through asthma meds. I agree you can do that but my goal is to be free of them. I cannot imagine life being tied to these medications esp. when they produce side-effects of long term usage.

His dr. wants him to go on Singulair. Found these websites abt the side effects.

Since L cannot tell me if he experiences these symptoms, I'm not too inclined towards this product. I will stick to flovent and albuterol for now. And just pray that we find some alternative method of managing the dang asthma.

He's already staying away from his food allergens but it's the environmental triggers that are uncontrollable. Perhaps I ought to make him wear a breathing mask ...

So, I'll keep juicing until I get tired or my hands crack from constant washing.

3. Crocheting. Thanks to a close friend's gift of knitted scarf, she has revived my crocheting hobby. I made 5 scarfs thus far and given them to a few friends. Surprisingly scarves really help keep you warm. I go around the house in a single long sleeve t-shirt and a scarf. W/o the scarf, I'd need a sweater. Also discovered crocheting with thick yarns and big hooks really fun and well, quick. heh ...

4. Ants ... they always manage to find the teeniest of cracks to crawl through. Spray the openings with RAID or any insecticide and then spray soap water (or any cleaning solution) on the ants to kill them. Or, you can just stomp on them. Good therapeutic exercise.


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